Helpful Tips for Picking Blueberries

  • Pick only the ripe blueberries.  Blueberries will not ripen after picking.  Please leave any unripe blueberries for future blueberry lovers.  Pick all ripe blueberries before moving on to another bush.
  • The ripe blueberries are the ones that pull off the bush easily.  They are usually powder blue or darker.  Some varieties are large and plump and some are smaller but are still very sweet!  If they are not ripe, they will not be sweet.
  • Sometimes the berries are in clusters and some are ripe and others are not.  Please do not strip the berries.  Lightly tickle the berries in clusters.  The ripe ones will fall off into your bucket and the unripe ones will stay and ripen another day.
  • Look into the center of the bushes and down below under the leaves.  Gently bend the high branches over to get to the berries that are hard to reach.
  • Using a belt or rope to tie the handle of the bucket to your waist is helpful.  This will free up both hands and make picking berries easier.  The small cups provided can then be used to gather the ripe blueberries and pour into your bucket.
  • We have 9 different varieties of blueberries.  Some will ripen early and some later.  They are scattered throughout our farm.  Just walk around until you find the ripe berries.  If you find a good area with lots of ripe berries, please tell the attendant so that the berries are not wasted